This is the basic piano tutorial for beginners.  You will learn:


Piano Basics and Layout

Finger Layouts

Keyboard Layout

Musical Alphabet

White and Black Key Studies

Music Theory

Scales and Finger Patterns

Learning by Numbers

Melody and Harmony

Basic Chords for Beginners


Basic Church Songs


Piano Basic Church Beginner Tutorials 1-5

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  • You will recevie all of Piano Basic (Church) Course 1, which includes all 5 levels for beginners. You will learn the basics of the piano layout, basic music theory and how music works. You will also learn scales and patterns for your fingers and music progressions to help you learn songs quickly. If you want to learn how churhc musicians get in and play and have little to no experience, this course will help you get going. If you desire to play in your church band or at home, this course is for you!